As a journalist, I’ve researched and written more than 1,000 print and online articles on a broad range of issues and have interviewed subjects from board chairs to third-graders. More than 90 percent of my assignments come from repeat business, often from clients I’ve worked with for over a decade.

2014 Digital & Print Azbee Award
Category: Feature Series
Region: Mid Atlantic Region
Title of Entry: Diversity (Human Resource Executive magazine)
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Winner of 2012 National Trade Journalism Award


I’ve covered the gamut: hard business news; corporate communications; scandalous weddings; decadent spa therapies; national issues featuring the powerful, the influential, and the accomplished; and the health hazards of pigeon poop. My freelance writing portfolio includes articles for newspapers and consumer and trade magazines; advertorials; website copy; white papers; guidebooks on the business side of medicine; and a story about my dog, who believed he was a cardiologist.


More often than not, I turn in articles early. I answer emails and phone calls quickly. I never leave anyone hanging.


Never missed a deadline. Not ever.


Remember when people thought email would make everyone’s job easier? Not so, according to a recent study. Apparently, people spend roughly eight hours a week answering work emails off hours. Not being able to disconnect from work causes burnout and family problems. Go figure.


“It was actually the expectation of emails that caused more problems than the actual time spent on emails. That creates stress because you aren’t able to disconnect from work or even when you’re home, you’re psychologically connected to work.”

–William Becker, associate professor at Virginia Tech and coauthor of, Exhausted But Unable to Disconnect, when addressing the results of the email study.