As a journalist, I’ve researched and written more than 1,000 print and online articles on a broad range of issues and have interviewed subjects from board chairs to third-graders. More than 90 percent of my assignments come from repeat business, often from clients I’ve worked with for over a decade.

2014 Digital & Print Azbee Award
Category: Feature Series
Region: Mid Atlantic Region
Title of Entry: Diversity (Human Resource Executive magazine)
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Winner of 2012 National Trade Journalism Award


I’ve covered the gamut: hard business news; corporate communications; scandalous weddings; decadent spa therapies; national issues featuring the powerful, the influential, and the accomplished; and the health hazards of pigeon poop. My freelance writing portfolio includes articles for newspapers and consumer and trade magazines; advertorials; website copy; white papers; guidebooks on the business side of medicine; and a story about my dog, who believed he was a cardiologist.


More often than not, I turn in articles early. I answer emails and phone calls quickly. I never leave anyone hanging.


Never missed a deadline. Not ever.


When conducting research on hiring job candidates with a criminal past, I discovered that nearly one-third of working adults in this country has a criminal record. Hard to believe. Does your company support policies about hiring former felons?


“The number of Americans with a criminal history has risen sharply over the past three decades. In fact, so many Americans have a criminal record that counting them all is nearly impossible.”

—Brennan Center for Justice